Hi people,it’s been a while but I’m back again…

I know I’m an advocator for not staying in your comfort zone for too long but unfortunately or rather luckily, I’ve been in one lately.

Just chilling without pressure. You don’t even have to push yourself. I mean you’re contented and just okay with who you are and where you’re at.

I’m feeling so positive now. I’m full of energy that is so resilient and hard-working and it’s now flourishing. I hope we’ll carry this with us in the next posts😀

Blogging like any other kind of art is exhausting whether you’re doing it as a career or a hobby. That’s why you need to take some time off as long as it’s not forever😂😂

During my break, I’ve learnt a lot. From rereading all my blog posts I’ve been able to understand my weaknesses. Indulging in healthy conversations has also enabled me distinguish myself as an artist.

Also,understanding your art as a collaborative one rather than a competitive one is key. Everyone is doing good out there, going beyond their limits and the only thing that can tear you is comparison.

Remember,what you’re doing will not fit everyone’s preferences and with that individuality comes in.

It always has to come from within.

I have been caught up in “life style blogging” for so long and freelancing has really affected my blog life. So to everyone out here it shouldn’t be “kinda your thing”. It’s what you enjoy to what you’re building and who you want to be. We have to understand there are different categories and what kills most of us is trying to do them all.

~first the dot,then the world.

I won’t say that wasn’t my thing because what I’ve learnt is that for me to be effective enough, what I write and share with you guys has to come from inside. It doesn’t have to involve my life and by this, I mean the blog is for us and should be about us. That’s where we all should connect.

Giving up what you do is the easiest thing in the world. Things go wrong and so do you. You spend years in silent hurt and listening to people say “do your thing life isn’t fair and that hope is precious.

All I know is that I have wasted my time looking for something,a sort of trophy I’d get only if I really did enough to deserve it.

The thing is that I don’t want it anymore, do you ever feel like you want something else? Something warm and sheltering, something you can turn to regardless of what you do and who you become. Something that will just be there. That’s what I want now and I think it’s what you should want too.

Take time and find it.

This is probably my first and last post which is basically a good bye note 😀

Thank y’all readers for the support, shares, subscriptions,blog hits and for constantly asking me what I’m doing next. Hope you’d still show the love if I did something different.

Trust me I won’t disappoint 😀

Here’s a toast to BYE BLOGGING ,HI BRANDING 🥂

To a new journey and channel.

Bye,until next time😀


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