You’re going to be successful and if you need to hear it already, there’s someone who looks up to you regardless of where you are or whatever you’re doing.
Let me share something with you.
You know Valentine Nekesa right?
B.Y.O.B season 1 winner, top 40 under 40 nominee, C.E.O of vaa_v designs, founder and mentor, Impact It Now.

Enough with the titles! But isn’t it wonderful having all those titles at such a young age?

Valentine Nekesa is a 19 year old fashion designer who joined B.Y.O.B by God’s plan if that’s the best fit; for her it wasn’t a planned audition. She says, “To be honest, at the beginning of the show I didn’t see it happening but with time, I started believing it was my opportunity, my light.”
She made her first sale through referrals so if you’re wondering how you’ll get there, you’re already there.
Success is all in the mindset…Valentine believes that for her to be a success she has to be one of those; providing home to the homeless, feeding the hungry or educating the illiterate. So for her, until she gets there, she’s not yet a success.
She was also among the top 40 under 40 nominees and she happens to be ranked 14. Though for her it wasn’t a passionate achievement, it’s fulfilling when someone reaches out and tells her they got motivated for seeing her on that list and it made them start doing their thing. So, how are you motivating those who look up to you?

What about the show, does it mean she was perfect or rather what skills did she apply there? Valentine didn’t know what was unexpected on the show but she was really good at being herself. You should believe in God and be ready to grow. You need no tricks because everyone’s capability and strengths are different.
What she does might feel common but it’s different in her own way because she sells confidence and not fashion. She studied her competitors in Kenya and there’s no designer catering for plus size women as she does. She says it feels good when the women she dresses love how they look and are confident going out with how they’ve been presented; curvy women should feel appreciated.
Life after the show has been a reality. May be from the pressure but for her it’s never the same. She walks in the streets and guys recognize her from nowhere. She has been able to run her business and also bring her dreams to life.
It’s amazing how she says she’s not a fan of TV. “I will only start watching TV once I have a show there, which is a future I am looking forward to.”
For her, if not fashion, she’d be an educationist entrepreneur which she has already started getting into with her program Impact it Now! It’s a program for training startups and young entrepreneurs.



To connect with Valentine:

  • INSTAGRAM: Valentine.nekesa
  • TWITTER: @valentinenek
  • EMAIL: Valentineneks@gmail.com


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