It’s been one of those days where I’ve felt like doing it but then I couldn’t.

I don’t have enough reasons as to why.

But do you ever want to get out there but you don’t know how to?

This is to;

My future generation, those already there, those expecting destiny on face book, you picturing yourself on Instagram, the boy following his dreams on twitter, those who already found what they were looking for on Google, the entrepreneur, those already having their 6 figure salaries, to the dropouts and failures, cashiers and shop assistants, all art lovers ,world changers and dream chasers.

What are we all afraid of?

Risks we never took or dreams never pursued?

Those we’ve made excuses for or the people who have always told us to be realistic?

I believe there’s nothing worse than having sight without vision.

It’s like believing it when someone tells you it’s impossible!

So, where’s the courage(vision)?

Courage to grab the dream that picks you.

Courage to face the thief after your dreams; the doubts and pain that turns you to a “KINDA” person.

You “KINDA” want it but you’re “KINDA” not sure.

Pain is like life, you choose the one that suits you. Either that on the journey or that of regret.

We have different abilities, experiences and genes which are tested by same means, then we’re made to believe we are either smart or dumb. The irony is; these tests never teach us the test for survival.

They’ve just made us  believe the rules in school make us cool.

Remember when they told you it’s not for the money?

So now we study for charity then end up fighting for equality?

This is mental frustration because no one ever taught me how to change my meditation to an aggravation.

 All they taught us was what to instead of  how to.

Lets jiggle our minds a bit…

 Most people die between the age 25-30 then get buried at 75, right?

This is where all those dreams die. When we “grow up” and we’re made to believe life is about waking up, going to work and paying rent. When we wake up and follow the same path.

Ever asked yourself where’s the world’s wealthiest place?

 Is it New York City, Singapore, Sydney, Beijing or Los Angeles?

Make a guess.

Well,it’s the GRAVEYARD!

Where we have; accomplishments never made,

Ideas never invented,

Books never written,

And talents never nurtured.

So if you are scared to take a risk, remind yourself you’re not there yet.

You say you have no idea but have you found the cure for all diseases?

Done enough campaigns yet?

Saved the future generation?

                           Or maybe a toothbrush that doubles as a dog toy(ha ha ha…)

Because, if you don’t build your dream someone else will hire you to build theirs.



                                                                               Yours truly,






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  1. I know that feeling…that was why I read the book “why A students work for C students and B students work for the government” …the school never teaches you the reality outside here…we are confined in the syllabus…we don’t think out the box…that’s why we don’t know to face life…but there is a solution…its not one that will favor the non- readers. Reading, reading, reading….

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