IMG_7911.JPGLets take a look at a label,

REMBO for example.

I want to make you feel like a model,

just for the label…

Dont break your neck, it’s never too serious.

Take it easy we’re all like marble toys.

Small but made from glass, clay, steel, plastic and much more.

Strong right?IMG_7910.JPG

But we’re made from something different,

 a brand that offers a variety of really nice jackets.

Well, that’s our label.

Now show them your back,

I bet everyone likes how the jacket looks from behind.IMG_7893

Perfect fit for all occasions,

and can blend well with almost everything in your wardrobe.

  I told you it’s a luck,

luck from the label and for the label

It’s a good fit right?





To get any of these custom made jackets,

the colour of your choice, preferably your size and with any detail you’d want it to entail,

contact Rembo International @ 0716169070


 facebook: Rembo International.

Instagram: Rembo_International.









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  1. Label Label Label!!!
    Nice touch on the jacket though,I can rock it anyday.

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