Hello there, are you happy today? If not, how about we cook some happiness here?

Make each other laugh for a minute or two.

According to “happify” a day without laughter is a day wasted…


Well I can’t say I’m happy 100% of the time but I always make a conscious effort to wake up in the morning and decide to stay happy. Instead of focusing on the things I’m lacking, I always choose to be grateful for the things I have. There’s a roof on my head, I have my family with me and Oh! well, someone just told me I have a great smile. Why not stay happy for those and countless more reasons?

So to the lovers of life, don’t forget to smile. I shouldn’t tell you why you need to stay happy and always full of life. I bet you have more reasons than I do. You’re alive, you’re loved even by people you’re not aware of ;your grandma, your best friend and your most faithful dog if you have one.

Staying happy is contagious, it’s beneficial to your health, it makes you look younger and even makes you more productive. Take a look at the results of all the things you’ve ever done when happy. The good vibes and vibrant energy you implicated on them. The more you focus on the good stuff, the more good stuff you find.

Not forgetting the sincere love of food and music. From milkshakes to fresh coconut. How it feels signing off an email on Friday with a cheerful HAPPY FRIDAY!

Are those reasons not enough to keep you happy all day?

Today could be the best day or even the last. Give it a thought…

What if the pressure to perform and live up to unrealistic expectations leaves you yearning for a simpler and more peaceful life? What if it takes away your happiness?

I know we’re all victims but trust me staying happy has always been the main thing.

So slow down,pause for a moment and notice.

Reduce your commitments by limiting the amount of times you say yes. Always communicate your intent.

Eliminate extras! Stop with the lavish or wasteful spending to show others your level of social prestige.

Identify your values by taking a look at those times you were the happiest. It’s all about serenity, resourcefulness, stability and health. Never take any of them for granted.

Practice living in the present, write journals and practice empathy.

Live for the moments you can’t put in words…

You don’t have to let the storm pass. Dance in the rain! YOU’RE TOO YOUNG TO STAY SAD…

GOODBYE, see you next week for another awesome post.

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  1. Niiice post Anita!
    True words right here
    Happiness is the main thing.
    Thank You!!

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