Hello loves, so today I want to jiggle your minds a bit. 

To those who’re not yet 20, what are your twenties dream?

You in your twenties, how far have you gone?
Being 20 is the purgatory of life. Leave alone adolescence and teenage life. I even wonder why they used to emphasis so much back then. In your twenties you have to figure out everything by yourself. Not forgetting how your 30’s will be. Pretty hard right?

Well at 20; here you’re no longer a teen but no one treats you like an adult either.
 At 21; you have so many goddamn expectations and 21 never quite lives up to them.
At 22; at least you’ll practice being the good kind. I wish you luck in that.
23; this is terrible. Maybe you’ve not figured what you want. School is over, drinking and partying is no longer interesting and you’re equally bored staying home. The good thing is that…BETTER DAYS ARE COMING.
24;here you’re just okay. Maybe too old to be magically young or little too young to be jaded and apathetic. Anyway you’re still fine.
25; Yaaay. So here you’re halfway done with your twenties. But you’ll soon start worrying about things.
26; this is the mortality year. This is where you’ll experience the quarter-life crisis.
27; you have to regress back to your younger years. It’s like the last hurray before you dive into adulthood. 
28; at last you’ll get to understand one will never feel like a grown up.
29; Hello thirties, well it’s okay thinking like a parent. Remember you’re not 20 anymore.
All this can be overwhelming but hey, they say everything is beautiful when you stop looking at the flaws. 
You just need a plan in your life. Remember it’s never a failure, just an experience. Focus on billionaires. 

Celebrate your victories because no one knows what it took you to accomplish them. Nothing feels good like having attained your goals in life. That’s why you need a plan. Forget all those new year resolutions. Ask yourself this, “what’s that one thing I really want this month/year?” 
Work towards that. It’ll fulfil your purpose more than anything. We are all different so find the best seller in your field. 

Go ditch those personal tests and write down 20 ideas that interest you. Take steps to turn them into jobs then find out which role will suit you best. It’s all about the grind💪.
#Everything requires action.

Get some perspective. Well,there are those people who are incredibly succesful at a young age but the most important thing is not to compare. Comparing is a limitation; you dont succeed in limitation. Focus on originality!
Lastly, don’t mix your emotions with your success. Your goals don’t care how you feel.

Get this right

No one went to any billionaire university
So pucker up now
You’ll have to swallow discomfort 
Maybe go down in spades
Well,I don’t know the full gist
But smiling at devil’s is key
I mean, it’s so useful
The thing is that
There are no new games
Just a lot of number ones
Go make everything a priority
Don’t forget what to do though
Before you find yourself in the offing


Goodbye loves, see you on Monday for another awesome post…stay happy always!


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  1. Amaizing post Anitah,
    You’ve made me have a totally whole new perspective towards my twenties.
    I totally dig your blog ,TOTALLY!!

  2. What a post!😍😍..i knew so little about twenties until i read this.

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