Don’t you love it when your collection comes together?

I mean, getting your hands on the things you dream about and everything you’ve ever wanted.

Well, meet OLISA;blogger and youtuber as she completes your journey.

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Crystal Olisa is a youtuber/digital content creator. Digital content creation is all about contributing information to digital media for an audience in specific contents.
Well,her main focus is on beauty products which is what she loves❤. She says,”It takes 10years to be an overnight success. Find the thing you love so you don’t lose the will to do it.”

She has turned what she does into a career by investing in products and making sure the quality is improving. Trust me,all this has been as profitable as Applebees.

Presumably, she didn’t think it’d turn out this great. Her interest in make up began late last year and it’s really been fun creating different looks. I bet you can see that from her channel which has perfect acoustics. From her Fenty collection to dripping glitter make up and beauty products from all over. Check out her channel 👉


She’s currently working on amazing halloween videos. Make sure you don’t miss that out😃.

Being a make up artist, she’s inspired by the likes of Nikkie who have made a business out of beauty blogging. It’s all about the grind you know…

For her, it’s more of a collaborative field than a competitive one. She says serious content creators don’t put each other down. Furthermore, you’re not taking business away from anyone.

Let’s take a look into what she does…

For Crystal, good make up is flawless but natural. It’s simply super beat!      A CAKE FACE IS A NO! NO!  You don’t want to look like you have severe burns on your eyelids. You also need to know that make up won’t make you look good, it just evens your skin.

  • Foundation gives her a flawless complexion as well as creates an illusion.
  • Her lipstick depends on her mood. She believes that anyone can wear whatever it is they want. She chooses her lip colour based on where she’s going, doing, how she feels and colors she’s wearing. She tends to lean more towards having a ball lypso she likes.
  • Well, as much as contouring your face may feel like a daunting task, she has made it simpler for you. You just aim on the hollow of the cheek. Like fish face, then put powder/cream there. This is easier shown than explained so go check out her channel now!
  • The funniest and weirdest thing is that she also struggles doing her brows😂. But all it needs is practice😃. The more often she does it, the more confident she gets.

“…keep trying. People won’t believe what you have at first but you’ll grow into something great.”


Well, make up may not be for everyone. But even if you don’t do it you can go check out her channel. It’s  a good place to relax away from the problems in the world.  MAKE UP is fun and it’s not demanding so it’s a good way to unwind
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  1. Hahaha…I just luv those ladies who apply a crystal spiky make up on their faces and forget to know that their feet is on public….lol!

  2. Awesome…its very encouraging for people to follow their dreams

  3. I hate reading but your artistic posts motivate me. Lol.
    Nice work! Go girl go. 💞

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