My name is Anitah and TWIST OF A VOICE is my blog. Maybe you’re wondering why I changed the name from VOICES17. First of all, the domain name voices 17 was already taken and well, I didn’t want to have a very complicated domain name. It also relates to my blog posts; I only do voices😊.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post. I’m super excited about it. I hope you also are because I have bomb posts awaiting✊. So it’s only fair if I intoduce myself first.You’re my loves and you ought to get at least the basics.Let’s get started…

Real name- Y’all know me as Anitah. But no, that’s not the name on my birth certificate or my Identity card. The name is Annette Mwende Musyoka. You now know them all😂. Same thing right? Though I prefer Anitah to Annette.

Birthday- 31st May is my day💪.Keep those gifts coming😛.

School- I’m currently in the University of Nairobi pursuing Economics and Statistics. Mark the word currently***😂😂

What I do during my free time- Nothing😂😂. That’s why it’s called free time. You don’t need to be active. Do you find yourself in a hurry to get  home and just sit and do absolutely nothing? Well that’s what I always do😟.

Talents- I don’t know any. Well, I’m not the active kind of person but at least there are things I can do pretty well; chirping especially when I’m in a really good mood, I’m well skilled at fake laughing😂,my mushene game is lit🔥,an over thinker and a blogger too😊.

Food- Honestly, this is so confusing😢. I’m not allergic to anything which means I can eat everything.

For me it’s chicken all day everyday. I’m in love with chapatis made by me😍. I like fries and bhajia a lot😂. I mean, who doesn’t? My love for Anjera is just on another level❤. Any Somali dish will make me follow you home🙌. I’d  break into a bakery for any chocolate cake.I have this thing for caramel popcorns. Ice cream and cadbury are my sidies😋

Look at my foodie vibe😂😂

Music-Apparently, I listen to all genres of music. Katitu included😂😂 it just depends with my mood. But if I was stuck on an island, I could only choose Afro beats. There’s just this thing about African music.

My last category would be memes😂😂. I’m a sucker for memes. I’m that girl who’ll marry you for being a meme page admin😢. Shoutout to all the meme dealers out there. You play a major role in some peoples lives😂😂.

Yeah, that’s me.

Those are the most basics things about me. I think they’re the same questions a guy hitting on me would ask before the kavibe starts flowing😂.

Right now hit me up with a question like “What do you think about the philosophy of the nonexistence of time?”  Then that’s and only then shall I probably start swooning.

I guess y’all will know more about me in my next blog posts. And like when I get to know more about myself. You know you learn new things everyday.

You can keep those questions coming through. Feel free to DM, inbox or even call😂😂.I’ll answer them all😍😍.

That’s enough for today.Next post will be up on Thursday this week. Make sure you like, share and comment.

Goodbye loves😍

24 Replies to “INTRODUCING ME”

  1. Nice post..truly waiting for the next one
    And what about your relationship?

  2. I didn’t want to stop reading. Nice piece. I will follow you closely.

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  4. This was interesting to read.
    If you was to make a pof account and copy and paste this in the summart portion you would definitely find a date in a heart beat lol.
    But this was good I can see the motivation

  5. Am a blogger and trust me when I say am impressed, am really impressed. You have a way with words, and I can’t wait for whatever bomb posts are coming up!!😍😍✌

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