Hi, you good?
I’ve been off for a while now and no,I didn’t give up. Still here,still Anita.
Not the best couple of days it’s been for you,huh?
Well,sober up,cause I got some news for you. Both good and bad😊.
Bad news is,nothing lasts forever.Good news is;nothing lasts forever.So get over whatever it is you’ve been going through.You deserve peace,stillness and love!
This is my first post this month👏👏.
You probably have no idea what its’ been taking place behind scenes. Let me sneak a peak.
First of all,blogging didn’t turn out to like I imagined.It hasn’t been as easy as I thought😂. You just don’t write then post. At times you don’t even have the content. Yes, the idea is there but coming up with the words turns into a mess.
A big mess for that matter. But they say, nothing’s easy. You just need to focus and be unappologeticaly,You.
I did my part though. I wrote a lot of articles. Some made it to the best views ever. Some ended up being deleted. Some didn’t even make it to a post😂.But hey, it didn’t end there.
I know people have busy lives and getting people to click on your links isn’t easy.Many people read on the internet, so when you want people to read your stuff you have to give them content and conscious posts too. But like I said earlier, coming up with content can be really tough.
Despite all that, the experience has been good. I don’t post articles related to my life by the way😊. My main aim is to always ensure no one becomes their own slave. I don’t want to talk much about that. The posts can explain better. Here’s the link to all my posts if you haven’t read any.



Maybe it was time to let out a lot of things and not live to the stereotypes. With time,I realized I loved it. I love how people liked my posts..their comments..how they’d get inspired and how people related to them.
I hope you find happiness in me😃. Well, I’m not always there physically when everything isn’t okay. But you might need me around to take care of you. Yes! Because you are my little puppies and I’ll always stay loyal to y’all readers 🐱🐱.
Here’s a shout out to you all;
Those who took time to read my posts. Those who never failed to comment on them.Fellow bloggers who always liked my posts.Those who shared the link to my blog posts and to those who always asked for my next posts.
Basically, you who is reading this. You are all I need😍. I’ll still need you. Not only for the views but for my nurturing too😊. I wish I knew all of you personally so I’d send y’all thank you notes😂. At least you didn’t allow me to avoid posting in the name of being “busy”. I always kept drafts because you gave me the urge to. THANK YOU❤.
So to my fellow bloggers. When you’re free, push yourself and always write more articles to avoid telling people you were busy.
For those who’ve missed  reading my posts I have good news for you😁. I’ll be launching my own website www.twistofavoice.com next week.

Honestly, I’m so excited about this. Greater things coming on your way💪.
I’ll be posting on Monday’s and Thursday’s. You can subscribe via e-mail to get post notifications. I’ll try my best though to keep y’all updated.
I now have to step up. Thanks for reading this. You are really awesome.
Leave a comment if you can and don’t forget to share.
I love you💞💋.

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