Remember that guy who texted you in the middle of the night. How do you think he felt?

Why do you always blame men for cheating? Yes they do at times but why should he put more effort when he’ll still get the same reward? He’s also human. He gets mad just the way you do. Only that he won’t mention it to you.

Do you still expect him to stay when he sees that text message? Maybe he went through your phone(which is rare) or he saw your “Jay” friend calling at 1:00 am. What does he want from you? Can you explain it?  You say he’s a colleague, so you don’t have boundaries? Or did you tell him you’re very available. Okay, he won’t mention it because you said he’s just a friend. So if he gives up on you don’t mention it too. Furthermore you were just keeping each other company.

Don’t be a dummy, don’t even think about it. I know he wants you to act as his mummy and maybe his nanny too. He doesn’t want it that way but atleast he wants you. He has emotions too. 

I don’t mean that you shouldn’t have friends, but why flirt with someone else when you can do the same with him. 

 Dear woman, one day you’ll miss him when you sit alone. You’ll wonder how it is like to have someone fall for you. Not because they think you’re attractive but the way you exist. Don’t let a text message ruin what you have.

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