She went through your phone. Your messages, gallery and your contacts too. You know why? You’ve made her so insecure. Yes, she trusts you but you need to make her not look stupid when she claims you. She doesn’t want to chain you, please stop acting single around them. Okay, maybe you don’t, but she saw that text message. When you asked another girl out, the other one you asked for pics and the one you said you have a crush on.

The sad thing is that her life revolves around you. You’re the only  person she’s fucking with. I mean in all ways. You’re her EERTHANG.

Remember the last time she warned you, now don’t make her wrong you. She doesn’t want you to compete in this. She owes you a lot. You also do. Just abort all these and place her at the top. It’s okay when you complement others but it’s not when you act single on that text message. It means a lot!

So now don’t go lock your app.

Get up and make it up to her.

Don’t let her trip because you’re the only person she’s really fucking with.

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