The last time I was bruising agony. Now I’m making me.

I am a strong believer that no one will ever love you as you do~ Leave alone the Almighty.  

Don’t even be fooled that right now there’s someone writing an article about you or even planning your life at large.

Now get your things right and make you. Things that bring out the best in you. Even the ones you haven’t tried. DO THEM!

If it’s fashion, dress not for anyone but so as to smile at your reflection.  Be the person you’d pick out from a crowd. The dresses, short ones, those that bring out the best curves and the staunch body. Put them on. The matte/nouba lipstick that makes you feel appropriate. Don’t be aggravated, make it your new hobby. Young man get a fitting shirt and nice Swarovski shoes so that I’d probably stop you in town. I want to tell you how good you look. I want to see more people smile.

~Don’t hide the dents. Instead, be proud of them.

Be happy with what you do. Add gratitude to your routine. That savage attitude with a heart of gold. Show it off. Laugh and find the best way to feel lighter. ~see good in all things.

I won’t tell you to eat right and stay fit. Just do your thing but don’t let your size kill you😂.  Go waste yourself. I mean find happiness on your own. No one will.

~believe in making yourself happy.

Stop stressing. Don’t put yourself in dilemas. If a boy left you leave him too. If he’s cheating on you, go hit a blunt and plan on the next nail polish you’re going to have. So that he’ll be cheating on himself😂. If it’s studying, go read because no one will fix content in you.

Wake up and pray.Wake up and call your bestfriend ~don’t stress!

Set goals, have ambitions and live a life full of purpose. If you know what you want no one will treat you the way they want. Know those you’ll befriend, those you’ll friendzone, those you’ll want to have forever, those that feed your soul and those that make you.

Wake up every morning with determination if you want to go to bed with satisfaction. It’s part of making you.

Make youself a priority and make you💚

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  1. I’m doing this thing where I’m widening my circle of friends (it is pretty small) …and you are right friends ain’t harmful

  2. Ohhh Great work and it’s actually quite inspiring..
    God bless.

  3. Ohhh Great work and it’s really quite inspiring….God bless.

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