She has curvy hips and red lips~

You probably haven’t heard of yoga

You’re just a single football man

Who can trade a single day for 100 years the other way

For smiles and rolled eyes

All you want is curvy hips and red lips


What about her sins

For her burried deeds 

And what she did for her needs

Who’ll vindicate her?


Everything is from within

Even with her beautiful chin

Ghosts do exist

Don’t let yourself bleed

Don’t be the host

She’s just a woman

A very beautiful woman


She might take you for a fool

Or for poker every Tuesday night

Dont forget to always keep your cash in a coffee can

For you’re a single man

Alone and out there on the loose

Don’t  mess with her

She’s like sand castles, 

Not build to last


Find yourself a soulmate 

The kind that will stay up till 3-4 a.m

Working and wildin out

Drifing off to the even news

Dancing, laughing and vibing

To a shitload of old 90’s early 2000 hip hop

With no curvy hips or red lips

Just shadows from saggy breastsπŸ’£πŸ’£

I’d want you to take a gold band on your hand

For being a single man

Who shoots pool in his cover band 

but doesn’t fall for their curvy hips and red lips. 

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