Am I not good enough or don’t you just see the goodness in me? 

Caring too much can be a crutch to the person and myself too. Maybe I save the best of me for hearts that understand the worst of me.

If I gave any of you the ability to see yourself through my eyes then you’d realize how special you are to me. The good will probably be surprised of how dear they are leave alone how near I am to them. To the bad, it’s all good. Personalities do differ. 

If we’ve ever had a really nice conversation, a deep one that I even mentioned my grandma.I bet you can agree I am a very loyal friend😝. You’d stay for weeks without leaving a text message but I’ll still call you. I don’t block numbers. I keep them so that you can know I’m only a stone’s throw away yet we can’t talk.  I’ll always call a friend not to make this end.

 I realized I invest alot in people, like really too much that I forget myself. Giving is a good deed though.

Acts 20:35 

It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Couldn’t agree more but doing a lot to people in a way that leaves you drained is harmful.

It’s not all about me. What about making me? I’ve been caught up for so long. Been too sensitive to peoples moods, they always come first, my efforts don’t feel like enough, I at times take responsibility when they mess up and the worst is that I rarely do things without them.

I give more life than others do. That’s it!

Y’all want me to stay lowkey with all my emotional roller coasters. You want me to brace myself and pull a smile and say I’m fine. Honestly nobody cares. What about our emotional intimacy? No one is a fan of you. I ain’t yours either so stop putting that gangsta rap on me.

I haven’t been broken before. Not that I want to😂. Oh! And I’m not a heartbreaker too😃. 

But people;

They think you’re too good

Now they spill ink to your food

You focus on them

You now look like a fool

Probably loving them

Then they wake up someday

Full of grief then leave

You’ll never meet them

Now face the shame

It’s not a game.

So how about making me?

Getting finer things in life. Leave alone the fancy shoes and money bags ~Capturing peoples hearts.

Not in romantic ways but in all real ones. Romance isn’t even real at times. How does someone text you “Come I eat your ass”😕😕. Really now?

That aside, so how about making ourselves and see how many real ones can exist. Leave alone the bff/boyfriend/babeness you have.

Model: ZAMZAM💦

She’s a dime💋.

Such a beau😍😍.

22 Replies to “BRUISING AGONY”

  1. Someone once told me;Maintain your virginity untill marriage and u will see the blessings of self respect in your life

  2. I will be keen to understand the main comtent next time,it seems there was something confusing me while reading

  3. Rare & beautiful is that humility of soul by which a servant entirely forgets him/herself in their master’s good; but far rarer & beautiful with a divine beauty, is that nobility of soul by which one, forgetting his/her own happiness, seeks the happiness of those who around them,😌☺☺ Great piece!

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