I want to talk to a woman. Whether 15 or 35 years of age please lend me your ear. 

A woman who has made a man her priority🌷

A woman who suffers from inferiority🌷

The one who’s pretty but still lonely🌷

A woman who hasn’t found a man to be with🌷

A woman who has been broken to start with🌷

I have good news for you😊.

With me I have a new lover❤.

He’s probably not a gentleman, nasty, all about you or rather taller than you. Honestly, he won’t make you feel some type of way, leave alone the “green💚 and purple💜” The good thing is that he’ll over hear you.

It’s funny how tomorrow you could wake up and the person you love can love someone else. But tomorrow a 100 dollar bill will still be a 100 dollar bill. 

Love is beautiful. Don’t forget to fall in love 😍.

It’s painful. Don’t give them your heart but a piece of your mind. 

Commitments are good but don’t waste your time.

You don’t ever need to explain. NO!

It’s not a Disney fantasy~men aren’t right for you.

They say an immature girl is a bill. Don’t be one. Don’t let him get you pills.Don’t talk about baby names. They all want powerful women until they realize they have to step their own shit up. Make sure your future aligns with theirs. Leave alone the stupid boy who’ll sweep off your feet. Go for your package. I won’t tell you how/where to find a man. Whether in a matatu or a kibanda they’re still same. But don’t fall for a man who’ll make you forget your goals. They’re the new lovers I came with.

Don’t doubt.Don’t pout. Just figure out.

Don’t let these three things ruin you;

love at first sight”

“trust the feeling

“you’ll just know”

Financial independence is paramount. It’s up to you. 

A man is not a financial plan. At one point you’ll stop caring what he’s up to or who he’s with. You’ll be too busy worrying about your goals and growth. Busy living your life, fulfiling your dreams and reaching new heights. I don’t know if it’s true that successful people don’t fall in love. But atleast they do wear better shoes😂😂.
Don’t blame the circumstances, just the way an overweight man blames his weight on his sedentary job. Adapt and do some exercise. Your life needs to be fit.

You need to know that the woman you’re becoming will cost you people, relationships, spaces and material things.Choose her over everything.

 🐾 bold & limitless🐾

side note⤵⤵⤵

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  1. Your true wealth is your stock of virtue & your true power, the uses to which you put it. ☺😅 forgive me for reading even if it was meant for the women, but this is also a good piece! Good work!

  2. well said .. I’d like some of my young readers to hear this wisdom and thanks for the follow 🙂

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