Let’s start things over. 

Hi there,I want to know where you lie.

Self-renowed fame is becoming more and more common in todays culture due to the  influx of social media.

On social media everyone is rich, beautiful,has big bottoms, flawless skin, nice pacs, successful, in perfect relationships, popping champagnes, own different kinds of mansions, exchange cars every hour and maybe travel from heaven to earth😂😂.

Baby daddies posting photos of their beautiful kids. Maybe it’s daddy’s time. Where are these kids manufactured though?😂😂 So you have factories in you,huh? Nah…so not my case!!

What happened to the daddy’s love?   Telling your daughter she’s beautiful before she ends up as a half naked instagram model selling tea. Instead, she grows looking for a zadddddy👅✌.

Everyone is being convinced. Women now think being a whore is acceptable and now they’re depressed because no man wants to love them.

What about recording your friends walk then they turn around acting mad,fake, shy and surprised. This one though😂🙌.

Nowadays men don’t even have to work hard to get nudes from  “fine gheeels😂😂” you just follow them and like their most recents. It’s like all you got to do is have an instagram account.

We all have this narcissistic personality. It’s about external validation,admiration and power.

But after all the likes and comments, we go back to our normal lives. Whats behind the cameras?

Maybe we’re wishing all we post will come true some day. But hey, dreams are valid only if you leave your fantasy world and embrace the reality of life. Come back to earth my dear. Shit is so real behind the scenes. Give the younger generation a meaning for life. 

It’s not even realistic to own bundles worth more than what you feed on. It’s stupidity!! You can be a billionaire with data bundles but it won’t be long before reality catches up with you. 

Likes and comments are shorterm.

The sooner you discover who you are the better. Life is not unfair. So don’t be unfair to it too.

Put your head in something other than DRAMA.

Leave a legacy!

Admire those who impact the society!

Not this “celebrity culture” . There’s nothing wrong with being famous. Not all of us will become though. The good thing is that some people make a living via social media. But where do you lie?

Someday you’ll see an ugly girl driving a big car, in a good marriage, having the best of education,working in a high profile job and you ask yourself why.

Self respect and common sense.

She knows she’s not pretty so she has to focus. 

She knows pretty is not the rent she pays to exist in this world .

She knows she’s not a slaymama.

 Don’t struggle with insecurity by comparing your “behind the scenes” with  everyone else’s “highlight reel”.

~ grass is always greener on social media✌.

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  1. khai this is so true aki😂😂my favorite so far😍

  2. With the object of escaping, or in some way mitigating this overshadowing gloom, men & women rush blindly into innumerable devices, pathways by which they fondly hope to enter into a happiness which will not pass away.
    Great piece! 😊☺ its so true.

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