If you could have asked me what I wanted to be at the age of 10 I’d probably say a doctor or rather a pilot. We all had very great ambitions as kids. I rember a friend of mine who wanted to become a pediatrician, to me that was so defined. 

Right now I’m sure 75% of us can’t even say what they want to be. We just want to make it big. So what changed?

 Lifestyle? Parenting? Or is it just the form of education we have? 

I want to graduate, get self employed, own a big firm and the worst, I want to wake up at 11:00a.m on a Monday. I just don’t need anyone to boss me around. I’ve forgotten so as to be a leader you also have to be led. But the fact is that I want to freelance my whole life in the name of being an entrepreneur. 

That’s not how things work. Yes you will get self employed, own a clothline, malls maybe ,have shares, real estates e.t.c. You will be great someday. But what are you doing about it? Maybe you just wake up…smoke, drink, have good sex ,dream and name your future kids. Oh! And social media too. Post up baby, let’s see how much you own. Let’s see the amount of fun you’re having. You don’t just dream things into reality. It’s true that dreams are valid. It’s also true that hardwork recognizes hardwork.

So who got it all wrong? Entrepreneurs do work. They work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours. They’re not necessarily brainy, it takes strength and character. 

I know you’ve been told not to rush something you want to last forever. But life  is about balance. I’m not telling you to forego your studies. Don’t do what you don’t want to. I’m telling you to surround yourself with hustlers. Whether it’s book smart, street smart or whatever.

So heres the thing; there’s always a darkside including entrepreneurial startups and you probably won’t get rich. Not all entrepreneurs will hit the jackpot, but if they persistently get up to try again, they always make it big. So cut it off!

You don’t just get into entrepreneurship because of life goals. Driving fancy cars ? No! You’re here for the real deal so focus on creating a company. You won’t work on your own so stop being a loner. Get advice from people. You’re not a job hopper .

I personally don’t want a routine that will kill my dreams. All I need is an idea but an idea will do me no good. I have to cultivate my mid, refine the idea, work on the business plan and flesh out the idea. 

If you don’t have  capital. Fix yourself. You either start a saving culture or decide to dig your books deeper for that 1st class honors. It’s all good. After all, we choose our own paths.

  Entrepreneurs stay determined!


  1. Building an empire is all about perseverance and persistence. I hated being under somebody by the name ‘boss’. So I became my own boss.

  2. Only by much searching and mining are gold and diamonds obtained, and in the same way hardwork truly pays 😊 Great piece! Truly inspiring

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