If I died today would you be satisfied with the last conversation we had?

Let that sink in!

 Did you enjoy my company the last time we met? Is there a next time?  

I’ve learnt that money is aweome but care is beautiful. Maybe you’re not interested in others, the only thing you hate is loneliness. You have no idea what caring feels like.

 Sometimes all I need is a hand to hold and a heart to understand. I know you also do but you don’t have one. 

Do you know how it feels when someone tells you “You’ve made my day!”? This makes my day too. 

You have no idea how much I want you to appreciate me even under this hard shell. 

Do you know I feed on your words? When you tell me those mean words. You have no idea of what I feel.    


Maybe your smile is the only thing I need. But I don’t know how I can fix it.

You don’t know how many times I’ve wished to act goofy around you. I hope I’ll get the chance to

I know you can’t handle my “too much” but one day you’ll miss me. How I complained about everything. You’ll have no one to irritate, tease and still say sorry😘.

You’ll surely miss all this!

Opportunities are never lost; someone will take the ones you miss. I don’t want to miss yours. You know why?

It doesn’t hurt me to be nice. It has never costed me anything. There’s nothing that makes me happy as seeing someone smile when they hear my name. 

It’s really quite simple to soothe an attitude. A joke from your bag can cause a laugh. You don’t have to go miles away to reach a life. Anyone around you could benefit from your acts . Don’t be right. Just be kind.           😍😍😍😍

The saddest thing is having people who give you 10 when you’re giving 110. Selfish. They’re selfish. They’ll always be. They’ll always kill your “high“.

Don’t ruin any of my good days by thinking about a bad yesterday. What I did wrong or rather what I said. You don’t know how much time I have left.

One day I will leave the world and never come back.

You’ll cry when you see my number is off.

You’ll miss me when you sit alone.

You won’t be able to hear me laugh again.

There will be no more me.

You’ll miss the bad…

The good

The bad that was in the good

The good that was in the bad

You’ll miss my whole life!

Just treat people who mean a lot well, not just as a gift, but as a responsibility.

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  1. “You don’t know how many times I’ve wished to act goofy around you. I hope I’ll get the chance to”
    I relate! 😫

    Oh and You’re a vulnerable poet. I l♡ve

  2. Too Deep..
    I love it Baby G

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