I don’t want to give you BP

Just have me as your DP

Make them know I’m the it thing

I won’t pressure you to treasure

But atleast reassure me until I mature

I know your status reads single 

And all of them want to mingle and giggle

I know you can’t have a ring on but you can show them your ego

You know what?

I’m not only here for company

I want a Dynasty!

Can you even hear my sympathy?

Now tell me the truth…

I know they’ve been beeping

What was your reaction

Did you give in to their seduction

What did you tell them?

Taken or broken…just let me know

Last night someone asked me out

You know what?

I kicked them out so that I don’t give you a gout.

I don’t want to feel rejected then tell you I was tempted

I want to understand you and still stand

You know why? 

I want you even after we make babies✌.

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