If making-out and sex are the only activities that make you get up to with a guy, then he’s not going to make you his girlfriend. Guys who are for more than physical attraction won’t make you trade sex for love. 

It’s pathetic how girls see that literally every guy they know wants to have sex with them. Make him say “wow that  girl is beautiful, I’m going to talk to her” rather than ” …bro, the things I’d do to her” .
A guy should want to do things for a girl not just want to do things to a girl. Women should also respect themselves so that guys do. Show him you have more than sex to offer and he’ll respect that. Show him your multiple personalities and he’ll treat you better.
Leave alone that boyfriend who always wants you to dress up and look sexy for him. The only thing he wants is you to compete with his females. He’s not the one. Your future husband will only encourage you to be the realest version of yourself.
Dear girlfriend, you don’t have to tell a guy how to treat you or what to do with other females. It’s so logic and should be obvious to him, to curve all other bitches, if you’re doing the same with your stalkers. If your guy is out here allowing himself to do things with other females just because they are friends, think again baby. 

Mr Man, don’t screw over a good girl. If you have a good girl by your side you better treat her right. Don’t take advantage of her kindness. Don’t go out there making girls fall for you when you already have a girl who would do anything for you . Good girls are hard to find, but if you’re blessed enough to be with one, don’t let her go. DON’T WASTE A GOOD GIRL!

Don’t even think of it…

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  1. Lady! You are talented…daaaamn! Yeah,us women have to respect our own selves so as to gain respect from men! We deserve respect…that’s for sure

  2. It’s a girl’s world you know
    You just unleash one of your many personalities…

  3. Thought in the mind hath made us.😌 if one’s mind has ill thoughts, pain comes on him/her…if one sees the purity of another, joy follows him/her…
    Truly inspiring piece 😌👏👏 it has a lot of truth to it, Good work

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