His mind did things to my body that his hands never could.

He touched me in ways that have nothing to do with sex, rather everything to do with comfort, understanding and protection.

It was the love of my first kiss🌟

I was scared of what we would’ve been because of what we are

I can’t get enough of him…

Let me know how you feel

I hope I have a special spark to make you remember me💥

I don’t need you to tell me you’ll never leave

Let’s make every moment now

Nothing is guaranteed

I want you to turn evil to good

I maybe happy on a Monday

And fail to stand you on a Tuesday

But honestly, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do

I’m never going to have make up sex and romantic texts as good as yours

You make me blow up

You’ve pulled me further than I’ve been before…

I know the world isn’t ours

We could get all high and low but let me be your friend

It’s been a minute but damn it feels so right😍😍

But I hope;

 Years from now we’ll still be in each others lives…

Maybe in a home full of lives

And feel so alive

I don’t want to ever say “if I wish I knew

Or if I left I’d beat it

I want to still have love for you

Even when you’re new

Refresh your timeline 100 times a day forever

Because I ain’t about to lose you

I’m on a mission to deliver love to you ❤…

I want to cry and not die

Still be by your side even when we strike

Still chase you even when you’re already mine

And never let the fire burn out🐾

I’m not trying to lie or pull no strings

You’re hell of a smash 👅💦

You’re my tough fight💨


… I do love you for real😍!

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