Is your life okay?

I mean, are you living the life you’ve always wanted to at your age? 

Are you even visible in the first place? You know you’re not through. You’ll never be. Though to some you never began😞.

You care, they ignore you.They insult you when you tell them they matter.They become mean once they know they’re important.Maybe they were just empty words…

I know you want to be detached, you want to be able to move on. Unfazed, you want to not be affected. Suicidal, you want them to stop being everything. These are also just words.

When you say you love them you mean it. You want them can’t they see it? You want to be by their side, not only when success makes them a haughty  snob but also when failure makes them a lousy slob. I know you wish you didn’t but these are also just words. As long as they come from you.

Maybe you’re just a passing thought💭. No different from the rest. You want to make your circle smaller than an intervention, you forget that you’re like a wire, you tend to connect everything. They had your back yet all you used to do was front. Now give it a thought. It will kill you. Then you’ll learn it the hard way.

Giving your power away never ends well. Taking responsibility and knowing what to let in and what not to  let in will save you  from a lot of pain and tearing💧. 

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  1. Wow!🙊🙊 personally this is my first time reading your blog, and wow! 👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Yeah that’s true,main thing is taking responsibility of our own thoughts and actions to avoid becoming slaves to our own emotions

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