He was mine I wasn’t his.

We owned him! 

I only had a share yet I gave him my whole.

The thing is that we couldn’t be a pair.

The change gave him a rage.

Maybe it was a mixture of hate and love.

You know when you want to flex and commit at the same time…

Things get confused on a major level.

He used me not as a toy…

But because he was the boy.

Ever loved someone so much that you can’t think straight?

Then you think of fate…

You can’t fix things which can’t mix.

Maybe he wanted it a little thick…

Or rather wished for some other meat.

I was 16 when I wanted a boy…

It was pressure and a little growth that led to confusion.

I had no idea how it feels when they call you babe.

To me that was much more than fame.

When I met him he said he’ll never mess.

You know those empty promises we give when we’re high…

Honestly he was my first!

 He held my hand

Maybe for a minute or so

This one was cold like it was as an effect of love

Only to realize the guy was also cold

They’ll go out with whores and still call you for more

He still called me babe on the same bed

Maybe he was already infected and forgot that I was affected.

You know how it felt…

It wasn’t sad at all. It’s unfair to all.

Some of these girls just need honesty and a little loyalty.

Then he’d ask me to lay with his friend.

Maybe he had turned to a man whore or rather moved me to the bro zone .

That’s not what commitment tasted like…

Just a little more focus and she’ll be yours!

Your baby girl got feelings bruh ✊

You need to see her now😭😭

How she runs from commitments😵

When they call her wifey

This niggas ain’t shit

They should at least take a few things in consideration…

She wants truths not lies,

She wants to know that you’re not going to leave,

She wants years not months,

She wants to be able to claim you and not look stupid,

She wants you to be there,

She wants something serious,

She wants to give you her all without looking dumb,

That’s what she wants!!!😏😏

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  1. Wow!!!! But why not give her all to the real deal?! Cause fakes are just prices….use you and tose you aside like a book

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