Take a few things in consideration before you lay together…I mean even if it’s good it’s never gonna be great enough to make you stay together.

And once you start having sex things can get confusing on a major level. Feelings get over excessive, need a constant reassurance to know you protected, so never confuse energy with chemistry, I mean just because the vibe is right doesn’t mean it’s meant to be.

 Well it could’ve been the Hennessy; you was thinking love for infinity and they was thinking a couple moments of intimacy.

That relationship has no symmetry and that’s how sex friends become love enemies. Because your patner  in life should only wish to bring out the best with you and not just have sex with you …but maybe show you a side of yourself that’s more intellectual and be at peace when this world is stressing you.

Anybody can generate some love just to penetrate your thighs, but who can liberate your mind, body and soul.

I know some people fall out of love and find no urge to escape.

Stuck in mistery because of history , or even sticking around because sex is great. Either you’re loving at night  or fussing and fighting on to the next day.

So use to pressing rewind and afraid to press play. Do you remember the last time you said it was the last time? And here you’re on your 5th last time. It’s like you break each others heart just to pass time, well maybe it’s past time that you let go and let grow!

Or maybe hold on this one last time until infinity.

You see: Relationships are not supposed to ruin your life, if it is then somebody just ain’t doing it right. Not saying it should all be blissful but it’s like all you do is fight.

…And at this time you have to take a few things in consideration .Do you stay and have your feelings disintegrated or walk away and have your soul liberated?


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  1. Sex is awesome why lie but in it’s awesomeness it’s complicated. Sex is just magical and dark misunderstood misused. It becomes a weapon. It’s just there. And dare I say who doesn’t love sex. Keep the pen in motion ink permanent.

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