Take care of your lover

Before he gets another

When they’ll have a rover

And won’t call you over

Yes you’ll become a bother

To someone who doesn’t get a boner

Feed him now

When he can take you to town

Don’t let him drown

Because you’ll frown

When they get a gown…

It’s not easy to love

But you can be busy to curve

Or sit by the window 

And see him use his windows 📲

And you’d wish you enjoyed it when he was young

While it lasted

Revolution starts with you

It’s not like evolution

When you wait to get an ewe

It’s only for the few

Being humble won’t kill

You’ll actually not stumble

Take care of your man!

So whether your name is Mr.Fame


Does it give you a frame?

Or should they tame you and give you a hem

All you need is a home and not a phone

How about you look at my shoe

Rather than trying to sue

We can fix things when it’s due

I don’t think there’s a mate 

Or what you call fate

 Whether you have an ego or a ring on

Things are worked out

Just the way they are …

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