Growing in a single parent household is quite challenging.Whether the parents have divorced or one has passed on, the challenges are quite similar. 

Every kid has their own fantasies. Maybe she dreams of the day her dad will walk her down the aisle, or maybe there’s a young boy who wants to be given the talk.

So what happens when they drift from their parents without a single goodbye, knowing they’ll never hear from them not even with a simple birthday card. Sad right?

 This means that for the majority of the crucial developmental time of their youth, they’ll miss someone. 

As we all know, growing up in a single-parent household means that the children are more likely to live close or at the  poverty line as the parent tries to make ends meet.This brings it’s own set of difficulties.

Who said those who grows up with one parent end up on drugs, unsuccessful, and in prison?

That’s simply not true!

They are those who have stayed away from destructive activities and crime and have instead moved on to being successful.

Single parenting can also have positive effects .

Such children may exhibit strong responsibility skills, as they are often called upon to help out more with family tasks and happen to form close bonds with parents.

How about you all stop mourning.

I know it’s sad but if you cry all day nothing will change. Maybe it has been a decade or two and you still feel bad. It’s true that you can’t forget them. It’s also true that life has to move on.Children from a single parent household have to be strong.

No one wants their parents to either divorce or die but you can still lead a  happy life. Stop lamenting and focus.

Life has much more to offer.

Support others rather than sitting there all gloomy waiting for something to happen.

We all can’t be equal!

We tend to take care of everything, to make up for our family structure rather than finding balance. 

Not today😂

Focus and take care of that woman or dad who gets tired and cranky but has no other way. Who has no personal time and who loves you unconditionally.

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