​She is your first.

She’s the one who welcomed you to this world. Maybe you came as a result of pleasure but she still took responsibility. If you ask her, she’ll say it wasn’t easy. If you were the one maybe you would have given up. I don’t know how raising a child feels like but from the look it is challenging. From a toddler to a teenager to the person you are right now. No matter how much you’ll love your dad, your mum still comes first. Mothers understand us. She knows when you’re having problems or when you’re not acting normal. She’s the one who’ll punish you until you cry and still wipe them even if she’s not the one responsible. Mothers have different sides. You might think she’s the bad one until you see the benefits.

Many of us take them for granted. Maybe she did something you didn’t like and you still hurt from it. Forgive her she’s your mother. You can’t get a replacement no matter what.  

So how’s your relationship with your mum?

If you don’t communicate it’s high time you build a relationship with her. It may take a long time, the only way is by not giving up. You’ll enjoy the benefits. You’ll actually be surprised when you find out her cooler side. Maybe she’s a gamer🎮⚾  a serious foodie🍖🍕 a weirdo or has hobbies similar to yours.

Here’s a 2 weeks challenge.

Do this for 14 days. Take it as something fun not a serious project that only involves prayers. If you don’t notice any change keep trying my brother 😂😂😂        There’s no giving up!!

  1.  😊Day 1-Tell her goodmorning or wish her goodnight. 
  2. 🍴😄Day 2-Serve her breakfast/dinner.This might sound like a huge task but she is your mother.
  3. 🏠😃Day 3-Try doing the house chores. I’m sure she’ll notice the change and maybe comment…
  4. 😍📞📲Day 4- Call her. Not for money but to check on her. It may sound fishy but it will show how much you care.
  5. 💑Day 5-Tell her something about yourself. You can mention school or a friend.
  6. 😂Day 6- Show her a funny video on your phone. You may lock your apps if necessary.This may sound cheesy but it will give her a hint on what you do with your phone.
  7. 👗👘Day 7- This will probably be on a Sunday. You can ask her about your outfit. How you look or maybe what you haven’t done. Then you can go to church together.
  8. 🌏🌍Day 8-Talk to her about something general. You can ask  her view on politics or a certain disease. This will get her engaged.
  9. 💰💰Day 9-You can ask her for money to buy something personal. Maybe something you’ve never asked  for before.
  10. 🙏🙏Day 10- If you can, pray together. Trust me this will help you. You’ll get to know what she says in her prayers, what she asks God to do to you and even her own needs.
  11. 📀📺Day 11- By this time you should have noticed some change. If you’re doing well then engage her in most of your conversations. You can watch her favourite programme with her even if it’s soap opera. A day won’t hurt.This will help you know  how she views different characters since you don’t get to spend a lot of time together.
  12. 💄👒⌚👜Day 12-You can get her something she loves. There are alot of gifts you can surprise her with. Watches to purses, a bag, a pair of shoes or a card. Let it be something simple and that evolves, watch her age gracefully with your gift.
  13. 💏💑Day 13-This might probably be the hardest. You can talk about her. What she does to you, how much you appreciate her and your love. This will surely be the hardest but parents are also human. They need to h


    something different apart from their work routine. No matter how hard it may seem. You need to try it. It has it’s benefits.

  14. 🙏😊Day 14- The last day of your challenge!!                       Here, all you need is to thank her. Just that😊                                                                            Don’t let your relationship with your mum fade. She’s the only true person you’ll ever find!!!

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