Ever wondered why some people live the way they do?

Then that’s non of your business!

You don’t have to worry why someone’s life is complicated.

No one will ever understand the other perfectly.😂

Sometimes we don’t even know ourselves that well.

So if you want to understand someone it’s high time you stop.

People come from different backgrounds, have different personalities, influenced by different things and have different goals in life.
Maybe they  are under the influence of drugs. You don’t know why.If he loves women i’m sure he has his own reasons. If he doesn’t want to fall in love that’s him. Maybe his slogan is to chase a cheque and never chase a chick. 

If she enjoys her life in the squad you dislike it’s still okay.Sometimes we get ourselves in a relationship trying to know the other well. 

It’s not a bad idea. The truth of the matter is that it’s all a lie. 

It’ll never work.

You’ll never understand someone fully. You’re probably wasting your time. You might focus on the storm and forget to see the sunshine. So stop!

You don’t have to always be on your toes because of others. You should enjoy  life and what it has to offer at times.

We all can’t be same.
If you can’t talk to them well don’t judge them from what they do.

If you pay their bills you are free to complain but if you don’t then keep it to yourself.

Don’t be mean to everyone because you’ll end to being mean to yourself.

Life is too short to live some else’s life.

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