When you start thinking about him…

You’ll wonder whether he does it right or not.

This love we call unconditional.What if it comes with conditions.May be he does the things you don’t like.So you want to test him?You want to know the real him?Already have a plan?

Here’s free advice…

Make a man suffer and he’ll start comparing the relationship with work or any problems on his current plate.

You being female thinking that you should test him doesn’t make sense.

All those tests will look like you’re making him suffer in a relationship he should be comfortable with.

They’ll translate to his brutality and that’s when you say men are heartless.

You’ve already made him suffer. Why shouldn’t he do the same?

It’s not a game where you’re looking for a winner.It’s a relationship where you bring the best out of each other.Let him be himself then you can go back to your “plan”

Not a useless plan, but a plan that will benefit the both of you.

If you put him on probation you’ll end up suffering.That’s where side chicks come in.

Men like what they see.

What if he finds an option who doesn’t stress or rather “test” him……. He’ll leave with her .

Then he’ll be the bad one.

Men are not heartless.

It’s just that they’ve never been taken seriously. They’ve always been on a test.

 If he’s a good man now you can be his queen.

  • Treat him right
  • Respect him
  • Love him
  • Motivate him
  • Take care of him
  • Spoil him

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  1. They should also spoil us😌. We need to feel like Queens once in a while

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