The voice of love and infatuation..

A passing fading emotion which involves sexual desire.It’s blind and it likes to stay that way. It doesn’t like to look at reality.

All it does is help you build castles in the air.

When you’re infatuated with a person, you think that everything they do is just perfect.

It’s a relationship based on selfishness. Notice how many times either “I” or “me” is used?

It’s restrictive and one only thinks of what the other does to them. Here romance perhaps takes hours or days.

Nothing interests you as much as the other’s physical appearance  (He has such dreamy eyes, she has a big butt,look at her hair, he’s really tall…)

You even end up ignoring any nagging doubts about serious personality flaws.
The emphasis is on taking or getting, especially in satisfying sexual urges.

You can argue but nothing really gets settled. A kiss can settle an argument.

What if the heart is misguided or misdirected?

You’ll end up in dangers  and frustrations then claim to be heartbroken. Even when the breakup is handled with the utmost tact and kindness, you are still bound to feel hurt and rejected.

 This is counterfeit love.

What about love?

A once-in-a-lifetime feeling of  sheer ecstasy.

If it ends then it was not love. It’s strictly an affair of the heart, not understood just experienced. 

Forget the romantic clichés and face it.

Love is longsuffering and  kind. You learn to appreciate the other with their flaws or maybe talk about perfecting them. All you feel is wanting to give and share. Every relationship had a friendship in it. The effect is that you make the other a better person. Which is what we all need.

You don’t have to ~friendzone~ the other for years. But how about living it as an adventure. Have fun in it don’t just survive.

No one just needs a one week affair. You can dream it and have it. 
 Don’t just be a “Hi, how’re you?”kind of lover. Love is not complicated, people are.

Let it grow with time and become a perfect bond of union.


It’s a world full of love. You have a voice!

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  1. It’s a world full of love and I chose you to be the receiver of all the love i have❤️❤️😍💞

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