​*The voice of a young man in love*

 When we met she said she loved me the way I was. That she was comfortable with the little things I did. That she wouldn’t mind about money and expensive stuff. I did what she wanted ;

  • Sent her Good morning/night texts
  • Gave her hugs from behind
  • Had deep/long conversations
  • Took pics together
  • Surprised her (even the little ones)
  • Told her why I loved her
  • Made time for her
  • Cuddled and watched movies
  • Gave her random kisses
  • And most importantly, NEVER LIED!!!

Then time came where I wasn’t doing enough. She wanted much more than I had. 

She complained of how low class I was, how poor I was, how she wanted me to be classy, how I was supposed to wear Eremenegildo and Desmond Merrion types of suits, Swarovski and Salvator types of shoes and take her to expensive hotels. 

According to her, a man’s worth was still a significance degree determined by his income.
 But all I had was just the little pocket money and savings my mum gave me.

 So I couldn’t sustain the one I loved. Does it mean that love is what you see?

Is love meant for the rich?

I am just a young man in love.

 I wanted her to be proud of me. Appreciate me for who I am and maybe grow together. 
Then I learnt that we were different. From how we were raised to how we related with others.
It only takes 4 minutes to fall in love and the neurological effects are like those of cocaine.

But I had no chance with her. I had to walk out before I could lose myself in her. Maybe it wasn’t the right thing but I had no more to give. 

I was just a young man in love.

*the voice of a young man in love*

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