So you’re an instagrammer

Yet you don’t want to be a grandma

 You have a big bum

you show on your Instagram

You take nudes to show dudes

So you have more likes

That can reach heights

 All you think about is butt

And not art

 All you do is scroll then drool


 Drowning in the world

 Drooling over bum bums

 All you see is effects on photos that will affect your posture

 A Posture that you wish one day is stuck on a poster

 You want to stand out in a room full of touts

 Social media, post up and feel like a boss now

 But we all know that’s a hoax now

living two lives but one has to go down

Leaving your momma so that you can get down

 It’s dawn now 

Wake up reach for your phone out

Posting like I’m up now

But really, who gives a damn now

Not even two bruh

Nudes on social media 

Enjoying all the attention and media without phobia

Fake friends telling you how much they need you 

But  they wanna bleed you

Make you feel like nothing yet you’re the G dude

 Take a selfie to get a wifey

 Take another for a side chick

 So that you can give a side lick

Coz these whores be flowing like melting ice cream

 Full of beam like the lights dim

Yet she lights up everything 

A special being

All she makes you do

Is never want to leave

 You took her on a leave

 Vacay to Dubai and chill

 Another to  Mumbai with a pill

 Told her spend a couple mill for a meal

 White beaches in the sea She was blinded to see

 In a world full of seeds

 She became his tree

 She took time to grow into a dime

 She’s now full of light like she was born right

 But with time they’ll both shine

 You on a sofa her on a locker

 Different things for different beings 

But they shared a soul that would buy them a shoal

A shoal they’ll have for a whole

 That they’ll wrap around as a whole

 To protect them from  foes

 And whores that won’t get them hoes

 And Thieves that won’t be brief

 The children that won’t be ridden

He wanted a life and a wife

someone he would book for a cook

The one that won’t cheat with her tits

 One that would settle for a kettle

 A woman that won’t crave for the grave

 A man who craves for her everyday

 Gives her love tighter than hay

 Bail her out even in jail

Take her out so that she’d shout

 Turns her on…Even on calls

 Keeps her on even with her flaws

 And he bragged about it 

letting them know he had a dime

 Then she nagged him so that he’d know there was no time

He told her to save the grammar for another drama. 

Then he’d ignore her and laugh all the time 

 So she’d bluff him that he was fine

 He would go back up to the eyes 

 And make her realize


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