Gone are the days when fashion trends  were only applicable to women.Ever had a conversation with a male friend on fashion and known why he dresses the way he does?

The answers are obvious.

He doesn’t feel the urge to look good, men’s wear are expensive or may be he doesn’t have someone he looks up to.

Fake huh?

Looking good=feeling good..

There is no excuse for looking shabby  and disguising behind the notation that fashion and trendsetting  is left for the ~financially capable~.

Fake it till you nail it

In case you don’t know what to wear have a checklist with you. If you have these then you’re good to go.

You can wear them any day with anything. Trust me you won’t disappoint.

  1. .White button up-A crisp white shirt  seems like a no brainer  but it always gets passed  over for more colourful designs. It can be worn with many things and it works with every face shape.
  2. .khaki pants- you can buy khaki pants at every price point. Fit is important because you don’t want to look like a remnant of the dotcom era.
  3. Nice shoes-From the slim dress shoes to sneakers that can be worn in any season. They  combine street and style. Don’t forget your sneakers!!! 
  4.  Faded and distressed jeans to dark and clean denim.Light  colored jeans with holes are fine for the young man to signal his style. If you’re moving to a professional world then your denim should be less conspicuous and dressier.
  5. Have a plain T-shirt. It doesn’t have to be a name brand designer garment.
  6.  A dark blazer backbone of a man’s closet. It can be paired with almost anything and can bring out different styles. Whether you want to look preppy, modern or traditional.
  7.  A watch. Pick a watch that is sleek and stylish. Avoid gold unless you’re over 50.Black straps will do better.
  8. Sweaters-You can replace your sweatshirts with sweaters. There are a variety of them. From cashmere sweaters which you’ll have endless use of, polo style sweater, cardigan sweaters to a classic turtleneck sweater.
  9. Socks. This is the part where most people miss out. You need a variety. From white athletic socks to dark colored dress socks.

If you’re into a more professional look then a  gray suit with a pair of a slim dress shoe should be an option. This look is more elegant and versatile. 

Don’t forget your hair. It’s a key part of your facial representation.

When you dress like a man, you feel like a man. How you dress on the outside symbolizes and reinforces how you feel on the inside.  Furthermore you never know if you’re going to run into the next Mrs. Smith on campus.


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  1. Mama is proud of you darling ❤️❤️❤️😌

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