I gave up biting my nails 3 years ago. So I became obsessed with polishing my nails to candy-colored perfection.

 When you start painting your nails, you’ll really enjoy it. It seems like a good tradeoff.
So, how are your nails?

Whether long, short, fake or real you need to take care of them. 

Nails are a window to your health. 
Nail painting is always a fun way to add a splash of colour to your outfit and keep you well groomed. But it has it’s cons.

The real benefits are also there.

Polish will protect your nails from damage and wear of everyday life. It acts as a layer that keeps your nails from cracking.


Ever noticed that your nails grow when you apply nail polish?

It speeds up the rate of growth. Struggling with short, stubby nails or nails that become brittle and tear easily? *Try painting.*


If you’re  tempted to bite your nails look at how lively they look and you’ll realise you don’t want to ruin them.

If you don’t love painting you don’t have to feel left out. Naked nails can still stand out and be stylish. 

Annoyed by exposed, naked nails?

Use a buffer

Rubbing back and forth with the four-sided tool gives nails a high-gloss finish as shiny as any clear polish.
What to do with them…

Take care of your nails. They are a part of you:-)

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