Yes I am an addict!

When it comes to addiction, the first things that come to your mind are drugs and alcohol. 

There are other types of addiction. My favorite is a video game addiction.

 Every addiction has a side effect, but a video game addiction has never had any mental disorder.

It actually has more advantages than any other addition.

In case you didn’t know;

Video games actually improve-not strain-your vision. It eases pain and relieves stress by the distraction it causes. 

It curbs cravings and it’s also a form of socializing .


Who’s your game partner?

Many men are forced to part with their beloved game because of their female companions.

Ever thought of having a girl friend who’s a gamer?

It sounds really interesting. 

What if she’s not interested?

Here’s what to do!!

  1. Find out if she’s ever played any video game. At least everyone has played Mario. Maybe she has.
  2. Present it as quality time. Every girl loves that.
  3. Don’t be a lazy or a boring gamer. You can disguise it as exercise. Every girl wants an activity that will keep those calories burning. Stand, fight and she’ll enjoy.
  4. You can try getting her customized video game items such as a Tetris bracelet, Mario earrings etc. 
  5. Don’t forget to tell her you had fun. Girls love making their guys happy.

Gaming helps couples bond more. You can actually choose them over official dates. You don’t have to wear suits on a date. If you need a break from that why not try a PS date.

It actually brings you closer since it increases communication and gives you something to focus on. 

While playing, random things are said and the partner can speak freely, openly and honestly. This helps one to learn to problem-solve and communicate better. 

 It will also create memories of adventure from different characters.May be you chose to be the fantastical beast or a sexy assassin.  

 Be the Romeo and Juliet of the 21st century.

Games are not “just”  anything. They can be more in-depth than many people give them credit for.Gaming brings the best out of you.

Try gaming. You’ll never regret of a video game addiction.

I wanna be a gaming grandy:-):-)

Gaming is life.

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