*The voice of beauty*

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The perception of beauty is subjective. So what’s beauty? Does the society give the qualities of a *beautiful woman*?

I believe beauty is what you are and what you think of yourself.  

So what if you have thighs that can feed a family of ten? Stretchmarks like those of a zebra? A big belly or even cellulite? That’s *natural beauty*. So they think fat is not presentable ?

 Big women are heavily judged on basis of their looks and sizes rather than their intellect.
 What about the skinny ones? 

The assumption that you have an eating disorder, as if looks can diagnose mental health. People joking about your weight, been told skinny legs make your feet look huge or that uncushioned chairs hurt your buttbone. Skinny women are real women too . 

You don’t have to shame one type of body to celebrate another. 
Skinny is sexy.

Curvy is sexy.

But most of all, *confidence is sexy*_regardless of the size.

*The voice of_beauty*

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