*The voice of a family*

Family is very important and valuable. Without family, a large part of your life and culture would be missing.

So how is your family?

Most of our families have internal wrangles but how do we handle them?

Do we just ignore them and hate on our  family members?

It is impossible to change the personality of another member but how about enhancing good relations with them. How about investing in our families. Treat them as you treat your best friends. They are the real ones. It doesn’t matter whether you have money, fame, a million followers on instagram or a PHD in medicine, *family comes first*.

They are the people who will be beside you at  your point of death. The same people you’ll go back to when all is lost.

It’s high time you humble yourself. Treat your parents right or even call them everyday to check on them. They should be your priority right now. Leave alone that old man that’s keeping you in his appartment or the young lady that drives you crazy.

Don’t forget your siblings too. They were the first friends you made, the only people who can understand you, those you can talk to all day and night. So if you don’t treat them right then who will?

How about doing to them what you do to your best friends. Have family goals, brother goals or even sister goals. Step out of your comfort zone and do something you’ve not done to anyone.

Treat them once in a while, buy them cool stuff and remind them of how much you love them. * they are your real ones*

Don’t go out there and make a family of your own. Don’t act like you don’t have a family taking selfies with other “sisters” or “brothers” . 

It’s high time we appreciate our families no matter their status before anyone else does. *FAMILY COMES FIRST !*


*the voice of a family*

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